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Doesn’t get better than dinner at Bestia with my friend and chef Jet Tila ( and his amazing wife and Oli and his boyfriend. I met Oli when he was dining alone years ago at Coi and whispered to me (we were dining at the table next to his) that the beets were not the kind the waiter mentioned….and the food chatter evolved into a fast and long-lasting friendship……..

Would be easier to write what we didn’t eat. The chef asked if he could “cook for us” (aka cook for Jet…but we can benefit) and of course we agreed, apart from the three dishes we really wanted to try

What we ate…everything!

Salumi platter: they make it all in-house, very tasty

Smoked mackerel crostino with burrata and tomato jam: I live in London now and haven’t converted to the joys of Mackerel but considering it was Mackerel, was as good as it could get….

Duck carpacio: very thinly sliced, beautifully presented and very good

Burrata with persimmons: We got two portions of this salad and after trying we knew why, so fresh, seasonal, bright and perfect!

Burrata and Persimmon salad
Burrata and Persimmon salad


Beef meatballs with braised beet greens and tomato: The greens looked not too green but the whole dish was salty, comforting and delicious

Beef Meatballs
Beef Meatballs


Grilled Octopus & Calamari with fennel, mixed mushrooms and arugula: not chewy or rubbery, tender and delicious, fresh with arugula

Grilled squid and octopus salad
Grilled squid and octopus salad


Pan-Roasted chicken gizzards with beets and endives: I am not a gizzards person, not what I usually jump on in a menu but was crispy, and since the beets were a similar color, it hid and fooled me, and I actually really liked it

Roasted bone marrow with spinach gnocchetti: Our waiter asked if he could prepare it for us, meaning, take the marrow and mix with the gnocchetti, effectively making it a marrow sauce. So creative and delicious

Marrow with gnocchetti
Marrow with gnocchetti


Veal tartare crostino: super fun version of a veal tonnato. But it looked liked Welsh rarebit to me….and my mouth was watering, and nothing beats a Welsh rarebit!

Veal crostino
Veal crostino


Cavatelli with pork sausage, back truffles and grana padano: of course this was one of the three dishes we chose… amazing. Best dish tonight!

Porcini pappardelle with fava & mixed mushroom ragu, poached farm egg and fried spinach: porcini+egg+pasta, hard to go wrong, but not as right as the cavatelli with sausage

Papardelle with mushrooms
Papardelle with mushrooms


Lamb shoulder: a first for me, but falling off the bone, super tender and fantastic

Lamb shoulder
Lamb shoulder


Valrhona budino tart with salted caramel, cacao crust, olive oil and salt: Similar to the one at A16 but this was a better version for sure, pastry was so tasty and rich

Rice pudding with persimmons: a little bit too runny for my taste but very flavorful, and persimmons were the perfect additions (and we were excited for more as it was so good in the burrata salad)20140105-205820.jpg

Pomegranate sorbet: my friend ordered, I don’t even remember it exactly as I was way too focused on protecting my share of the chocolate tart

In sum: Be bold, be creative, be adventurous! Ended up trying loads of things I wouldn’t have normally ordered and was very happy I did….

  • Musts: Marrow gnocchetti, cavatelli and of course the chocolate dessert
  • Save the calories: Mackerel and veal crostinos
  • Surprisingly good: Burrata salad

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    Awesome post, Sam! And we are still talking about what a great night that was at Bestia. Good friends, good food…there is nothing better!

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